Gentlemen of the Road
Walla Walla Stopover Festival

August 14-15, 2015

Walla Walla was chosen as one of the 2015 Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers. The Walla Walla Stopover features more than 30 bands, including Mumford & Sons, Foo Fighters and The Flaming Lips.

Walla Walla
Gentlemen of the Road Stopover

As of June 3, 2015

Please check back frequently as information will be updated and added as details become firm.   This is a fluid event and changes will likely occur in the coming weeks.

1. How can I volunteer at the festival?

Be a volunteer worker at Gentlemen of the Road Walla Walla and in exchange, receive pay of $9.47 per hour!  Only one 6-hour shift is required over the course of the event.  For workers that would like to enjoy the event when not on shift, a discounted worker ticket that includes a spot to camp is available for purchase for only $40.  Visit and sign up under the Walla Walla Stopover.


2. Will we have to pay to get into downtown?

The downtown will require an admission fee during street festival hours.  Festival hours and the fee have not been finalized.  It is anticipated that hours will be between 5:00 PM -2:00 AM (Thursday), 10:00 AM -2:00 AM (Friday), 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM (Saturday).  The admission fee will be a daily fee of $5.00.  GOTR ticket purchasers, downtown workers, and festival workers will not be required to pay the downtown admission fee.


3. I operate a downtown office/service business.  Do I need to close my business during the festival?

Absolutely not!  Any business located within the closed street venue will be accessible for free by pedestrian traffic during normal working hours on Thursday up until 5:00 PM and up until 10:00 AM on Friday.  After that, employees may enter with wristbands (to be issued by DWWF in advance) during festival hours (beginning Thursday at 5:00 PM, Friday at 10:00 AM, and Saturday at 10:00 AM).  Clients will need to pay the admission fee during festival hours.  You may wish to reimburse clients or schedule appointments at non-festival times.  Business can be conducted as normal during non-festival times on Thursday and Friday.  Please note that these times are not finalized and are subject to change.


4. Do I have to pay to come to work if my employer is in the venue?

No, employees will be given wristbands in advance by their employers. Employers will pick up wristbands at the DWWF in the week preceding the concert.


5. What will be the downtown festival venue?

The downtown festival borders are still being finalized and currently include Main St. from 2nd Ave. to Palouse; and 1st, Colville, and Spokane from Rose St. to Adler St.  Rose, Alder, Palouse, and 2nd Ave. will be open.  This information is subject to change.


6. Can I go downtown if I don’t have a Stopover ticket?

Yes, the downtown venue will be open for an admission fee during programmed times. No advance ticket sales.  The admission fee will be payable at the gates and good for one day.


7. When will the downtown streets close?

The streets where the stages will be located will close at 6:00 AM on Wednesday to erect the stages.  Tentatively those stages are planned for 1st Street at Alder and Spokane Street at Alder.  The other streets will close on Thursday morning, prior to the start of the workday. They will reopen Sunday afternoon.


8. How do I access my home if it is in the closed venue?

Residents within the concert venue will be given passes in advance and will have access to their homes.  Residents will be notified with instructions for pass pick-up later in the summer. Proof of address will be required to receive a pass.


9. Where will my employees park if my business is downtown?

There will be dedicated, designating parking for downtown business operators and employees.  Designated locations TBA.


10. Where will the main stage be?

The main stage will be at Whitman Athletic Fields.


11. Can I sell food or merchandise at the festival?

The concert producers will select food and merchandise vendors.  To be considered, please complete an application here:


12. Can I get into everything if I have purchased a GOTR ticket?

Yes, you will have access to all shows at Whitman Athletic Fields, the parking lot, the campground, and the downtown street festival.


13. Explain the two different tickets?

A $199 GOTR ticket purchase will provide you with a RFID wristband that allows access to Whitman Athletic Fields, campgrounds, downtown, and the surrounding concert venue area.   Headliner acts will perform at the fields.  You will be permitted in the designated campsites at the Veterans Memorial Golf Course. The downtown portion of the concert venue will feature programmed entertainment on multiple stages and in the streets during times when programming is not in progress at Whitman Athletic Fields.  A daily admission fee will grant access to the downtown venue for those who have not purchased GOTR tickets.  The RFID bracelets will allow access to the downtown venue at no additional fee.


14. What time will Mumford & Sons be performing?

Mumford & Sons will be performing on Saturday evening around sunset.


15. Is taxpayer money being used to fund this?

No.  Expenses for the concert are being funded by the concert producers through ticket, merchandise, and refreshment sale revenue.  Costs to local governments, schools, and other organizations will be fully reimbursed by the concert producers.


16. Who is running the festival?

The festival is being run by Madison House Presents. (  The City of Walla Walla, the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation, Whitman College, and DeSales Catholic High School are working as a team to provide land, services, connections to local resources, and communications to the concert producers.


17. If I work, will I get a free ticket?

If you work at least a six-hour shift, you will be eligible to purchase a significantly discounted ticket that will allow you to enjoy the entire Stopover.  Details can be found at


18. Will there be crime, vandalism, and destruction by concertgoers?

Local leaders contacted jurisdictions where the 2012 and 2013 Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers were held before committing to the festival.  The host towns were left in better shape after the festival than before, and did not experience these types of problems.  Concert attendees were described as “respectful” and each town would welcome a return of the festival.


19.  Are pets permitted at the festival?

Pets are not permitted in the concert venue or campgrounds.


20. I live downtown. How can I get in and out of my property? Will I have to stay out of town for the weekend?

If you live in the downtown closed street area, you will be given free wristbands for access to your home.  It is not necessary to leave town.  Residents will receive notification with instructions for wristband pick-up later this summer. Proof of address will be required to receive a wristband.


21. How about going to my friend’s house? What if they are having a party? How can I get in?

If your friend’s house is within the downtown concert venue and you are visiting during the festival hours, you will have to pay $5 to enter the venue.


22. Where are the thousands of guests going to park?

Concert ticket holders will be directed to park at a large designated parking area adjacent to Veterans Memorial Golf Course.


23. How late will the music be going into the night?

Outdoor Music at the Whitman Athletic Fields ends at approximately 11:30 pm on Friday & Saturday.  Downtown outdoor music will end by 2:00 AM.


24. Will the city be ravaged and be in disrepair from the concert? Who will pay for that?

The city will be returned at least to its condition prior to the festival.  The concert production company will pay for any needed repairs or cleanup.


25. I operate a downtown restaurant. How can my delivery people get in the closed-off area to get me the supplies I will need to feed the large number of visitors over the weekend?

The security company will allow for deliveries to occur.  It should be noted that businesses should not schedule deliveries during high pedestrian traffic time to avoid mixing vehicles with potentially busy street, alleys, and intersections.


26. Will “outsiders” be coming in and just setting up booths selling stuff all over the place with no rhyme or reason?

No. Concert organizers will be selecting a limited number of food and merchandise vendors for both the Whitman Athletic Fields area and downtown.  Individual downtown businesses in the concert venue will have the use of the sidewalks in front of their stores for sales of their merchandise.


27. When will our tickets be mailed?

RFID wristbands and a commemorative piece will be mailed out in late July/early August.


28. I own a parking lot downtown.  Will it be taken over by the concert?

Private property will not be used without prior consent by the owner.

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