The Downtown Foundation is part of the City committee planning events and recognition for Walla Walla’s 150th anniversary celebration.  The committee worked with Tim Johnson of Johnson Design to create the logo for Walla Walla’s Sesquicentennial and the artwork for a commemorative coin. Banners displaying this logo will hang downtown throughout the year, and coins will be available for sale at 4th of July in the Park and a variety of retail outlets after. Check this page frequently for updated information as it becomes available.


Events for the year kicked off with a visit to the city council meeting on January 11th, which happened to be the exact date upon which Walla Walla received its official charter. Members of Ft. Walla Walla Museum’s Living History Company came to the meeting:

Members of the Living History Company are also leading walking tours of downtown every Saturday, leaving from the Farmers Market at 12:45 every Saturday through August 25th.  Guides for the weekly tours include hardware man and city council member William Phillips, local madam Josephine Wolfe, blacksmith and businessman Fred Stine, Judge William Langford, and Maria Whitman, wife of the mayor. The tour is free, plus all tour takers will receive a special coupon for $1 off the normal admission price at Fort Walla Walla Museum.

May 5 – E.B. Whitman
May 12—William Phillips
May 19—Josephine Wolfe
May 26—Fred Stine
June 2—Judge Langford
June 9—Maria Whitman
June 16—E.B. Whitman
June 23—William Phillips
June 30—Josephine Wolfe
July 7—Fred Stine
July 14—Judge Langford
July 21—Maria Whitman
July 28—E.B. Whitman
August 4—William Phillips
August 11—Josephine Wolfe
August 18—Fred Stine
August 25—Judge Langford

Additionally, the city has commissioned a commemorative coin and a series of posters to mark the occasion. These items will be for sale at 4th of July in the Park and other community outlets for the rest of the year. ArtWalla has received a grant from the Sherwood Trust to create a piece of public art to mark the anniversary. Artist Squire Broel’s submission, “Looking Back Looking Forward,” was selected, and the city has approved placement of the sculpture in Heritage Park on Main Street.

Click here to see pictures of the piece in process at Squire’s studio!

The finished piece will be unveiled at a Gala hosted by ArtWalla at the end of November.

If you would like to assist in any of these endeavors, please contact either committee co-chair, Elio Agostini of the DWWF or Jim Dumont of the City’s Parks & Recreation Department.