Two-Hour Parking Zone Refresher Course

Two-Hour Parking Zone Refresher Course

The City Council voted earlier this month to double the continuous parking fines within the 2-hour parking zone downtown. The boundaries of the zone, as well as 2-hour and all-day parking lot locations, are marked on the map below. This information is being distributed to businesses downtown during the last 2 weeks of the year.


From the City’s Parking Enforcement Officer: Downtown Walla Walla has a 2 hr parking restriction.  You may only park  in a  city block or parking lot for  a maximum of 2 consecutive hours per day.  Time starts from the moment you park there and ends exactly 2 hours later.  Once you have parked in a city block or Parking lot, you may not return to that lot or city block for the remainder of the business day, or you can receive a ticket for continuous parking WWMC 10.13.040.

Please be aware fines have increased as of January 1st, 2013.  Continuous parking fines within 30 consecutive days will increase as follows:

1st Offense –    $10.00

2nd Offense –    $30.00

3rd Offense –    $50.00

4th & Subsequent Offenses –   $100.00

For a more detailed description of the Parking ordinances you may go to the city’s web page   choose title 10, then choose chapter 10.13 Stopping, Standing and Parking.  The map below shows not only the restricted 2 hour zones, but also the location of free all day parking lots.

If you have any questions please contact Parking Enforcement Officer Amy Harris WWPD 527-4434  Ext. 4557.